MLK March/Parade and Commemoration Ceremony:

Traditionally, the Commission organizes the MLK March/Parade and Commemoration Ceremony in Albuquerque on the Saturday before the National King Holiday in January. The march is the kickoff to the celebrations occurring throughout New Mexico. Over 1,000 people attend the march, including state and local dignitaries, youth groups, churches, civic organizations, sororities and fraternities, immigrant organizations, non-profit organizations, corporations and families. A parade marshal leads the march west down Martin Luther King Blvd. to Civic Plaza.

The MLK Commemoration Ceremony is held directly after the march at Civic Plaza in Albuquerque. The ceremony includes keynote speakers, youth performances (vocal and dance), award presentations, and recognition and participation by elected state and local officials. The ceremony commemorates the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., notable civil rights activist, preacher and author.

Volunteers interested in planning the march and/or the Commemoration Ceremony should contact: or 505-222-6466.

  • Youth Ambassador Program:

    The MLK Commission operates a Youth Ambassador program for students ages 14-21. Youth become knowledgeable about the life and works of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and how his principles of nonviolence affect their lives; the fundamentals of community service; advocacy; and leadership skills. The program is being expanded to include youth from cities across the state, particularly those represented by the Commission. The Commission will establish leadership/mentorship programs in each community that currently conducts MLK-related activities. These youth will then be eligible to participate in programs and activities of the Youth Ambassador program as well as the Annual Youth Leadership Conference. Collaboration and partnership will occur between schools, colleges, teachers, counselors, parents, students, churches and community groups in an effort to be inclusive, transparent and successful.

    If interested, please complete the New Mexico MLK Youth Ambassadors sign-up form or contact: or 505-222-6466.

Download Ambassador's signup form
  • Annual MLK Indoor Track and Field Invitational:

    The idea for the annual MLK Indoor Track Invitational came about in February 2016 when Oscar Robinson, MLK Jr. Commission Chairman, and Clarence Smith, MLK Jr. Commission Designee for the State Treasurer, met. Brad Winter, former MLK Commissioner and former Secretary of State, brought the idea to Richard Berry, Mayor of Albuquerque, who involved the City of Albuquerque-City Council, and the community to put the plan in action. The first event took place on January 14, 2017, in conjunction with the Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration Ceremony and promises to be an annual success. Held at the Albuquerque Convention Center, the track meet is organized by COA-Parks and Recreation, University of New Mexico (UNM) Athletic Department, the Albuquerque Convention Center (ACC) and many other sponsors and supporters. The world-class facility at the ACC is owned and operated by COA. Events feature New Mexico college students as well as colleges from other states. Over 200 high school students from New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado and other states compete. Both events are open to men, women, girls and boys from all socioeconomic and multicultural backgrounds.

    To serve on the planning committee contact Stephen Madrid, COA-Parks & Recreation at 505-382-1783 or

    To sponsor the event contact 505-222-6465 or or Stephen Madrid.

  • Public Education Initiative:

    In all corners of the globe, Martin Luther King, Jr. is viewed as one of humanity’s most resonant voices for freedom, justice and equality. His emphasis on leveraging nonviolent action to achieve positive social change has inspired millions to continue his efforts through their own hands. Educating the public on Dr. King’s philosophies can help to combat these social difficulties and inequities. Components of the MLK Commission’s Public Education Initiatives are to:

    1. Equip the public with resources and materials to combat Prejudice, Poverty and Militarism – the three evils;
    2. Disseminate and teach The Six Principles of Nonviolence;
    3. Provide a platform participation in the 100 Days of Non violence campaign;
    4. Collaborate with public and private schools, colleges and universities and other community organizations to enhance the teachings of Dr. King in their class rooms and programs;
    5. Support “A Day of Service”activities in conjunction with other MLK Day activities; and
    6. Coordinate diversity training across the state.